• Welcome to The Chetna Community

    Helping a Hearing Impaired child

    Help and educate them to fit in the Mainstream. They too deserve to live and learn.
    Extend a helping hand to those who need it the most.
  • Chetna Institute for Mentally Handicapped

    Change a Mentally Callenged Child's Life

    Give a helping hand to those who need it. Volunteer to needs of the needy
    Help a child survive the real world and learn to live with such disability.
  • Chetna Special Education Schooling

    Educate them to fit in the Mainstream

    Chetna's special education facility also known as Vani Prada
    is a center of excellence for the education of children who are severe to profound deaf.

Brief History of chetna

Chetna is a voluntary organization founded in 1964 by Mrs. S. Kamal who was a pioneer in this field in the state of Uttar Pradesh at a time when India was just awakening to the cause of the mentally challenged.
Having begun modestly from a school of 2 rooms, it has widely expanded and today is the premier institution of the state for the welfare of the handicapped.

After over five decades of its journey towards excellence in the service delivery has been facilitated by its value-based vision, clarity and quality in its mission, string leadership fortified with conviction and commitment of multi-disciplinary team and kind patronage of innumerable service users.

About Chetna Institute

What We Do

Providing Shelter & Resources to Needful

Chetna campus provides acccomodation to those who need special care and to such children whose residences are quite far from town.

Educate Society about Chetna Vision

Chetna tries to educate people and create general awareness about the help schemes and medical facilities delivered by Chetna as a community.

Fund Raising Campaigns and Donations

We host many fund raising and donation campaigns which helps Chetna provide more resouces to children and stand as a strong serving community.

Market Products manufactured at Chetna

Chetna accomodates units like Candle Making, Weaving, Spinning, Embroidery and more which are then sold in trade fairs and other social gatherings.

Facilities at Chetna

To provide an opportunity to children with physical and multiple disabilities to discover themselves and develop their potential.
School for Mentally Handicapped or Challenged

School for Mentally Handicapped

At our School for mentally handicapped you will find volunteers who have accountable experience in this fiels.
School for Hearing Impaired Children

School for Hearing Impaired

At Chetna a child learns how to communicate and interact which boosts his or her inner confidence.
Special Education Banner

Special Education for Disabled

Special Education services to educate them to fit in the Mainstream and live a dignified life.
Trainings & Internships

Trainings & Internships

Chetna Institute also offers Diploma in Special Education (Mental Retardation) DSE (MR).

We are serving since past 55 years to helpless children with trust and we are happy

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